Tax and Estate Planning

Wealth builds up over time – often without being taxed, or at least fully taxed by the Canada Revenue Agency. Your debt to them grows with your wealth and financial success. There are several structures and tax-advantaged products that we use to eliminate or reduce tax.

The Canadian government created tax advantages for life insurance products because it believed – and still believes – that life insurance should be officially supported. This is not fly-by-night stuff or a financial scheme – these are plans.

As with your wealth, family issues grow over time as well. Deciding what is best for you, your family and your business comes before tax planning.

Markewich Financial Corporation is a tax and estate planning firm that prides itself on developing an understanding of your situation and then discussing, planning and deciding on the best financial course for you.


Planning Process

Discovery Stage:

Our first meeting outlines our engagement process and begins the gathering of information. We will consult with your existing accountant and lawyer to form a clear understanding of where you are today.

Solution Stage:

Together with your accountant and lawyer, we will explore solutions and present options in a clear and timely manner. You will make informed decisions for the future, based on a complete and true analysis.

Implementation Stage:

The goal of each engagement is to get your estate plan finished. Without action, the work of your advisors is very close to worthless. We finish what we start and in the end, you will have a real plan that will be followed when needed.Our goal is to have your plan completed through no more than six monthly meetings. Our fee will be based on the complexity of your situation and how long it will take to get the work done. Clients agree to keep the process moving forward with monthly meetings, until everything is wrapped up.


Time changes everything. We schedule reviews every two years. At that time, we once again consult with your other advisors to ensure your plan is kept current with family, tax and legal changes.