Heritage Design™

The 3rd Element of Effective Design

We know from studies and experience that 90 percent of families fail when it comes to keeping the family unity and its assets together for more than three generations.  There are many reasons for that, but the most important question that fact raises is:
If 90 percent of families fail, what do the ‘successful’ 10 percent do differently?
We discovered that the difference is NOT in their financial or estate planning.  The difference is that they add a 3rd element to their planning, known as Heritage Design™.


Effective multi-generational design is crafted with three equally important elements


Transforming Life’s Work into Life’s Legacy

Heritage Design™ helps clients answer the questions about family and money.  “How do we pass on our wealth to our heirs so it helps them, instead of hurts them?”  “How can we use our wealth to strengthen our family instead of weaken it?”  This is not new.  It remains as relevant today as it did when Charlemagne ruled most of Europe.  Most of us care a great deal about succession of wealth, and very few advisors have any answers at all.

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