A Perfect Estate Plan where all family members have taken part. We create an environment that offers full financial transparency for, and even input from, the children who will inherit your legacy. Lack of communication is the #1 reason families fight over estates. It is impossible to expect the next generation to trust you, or each other, if they are kept in the dark. A second huge failing is that families don’t properly mentor, or have pre-inheritance agreements with, children who will inherit family businesses. Very seldom do parents make wills and shareholders agreements with their children’s involvement. If they did, all disagreements would be resolved before anyone dies. A Perfect Estate Plan employs all the regular tax and estate planning, but always with the understanding that hanging onto your family is the best way to also hang onto your money.

Your family will have reasons to meet for working family reunions, with lots of bonding, education, collaboration, and warmth that grows over time through open clear communication and shared goals.

“Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” is the norm in 90% of wealthy families around the world and since ancient China. Breaking this status quo requires a plan.

Working with us gives you a legitimate shot at being in the right ten percent.