The most important thing families need to maintain their wealth and Unity is ‘shared family values’. Each year we will facilitate at least one family unity day, and start at least one new family initiative. An important goal is to enhance communication and trust so all family members can work and play together for generations to come. After creating a tradition of family projects, initiatives and reunions, you will have many positive traditions to create and strengthen ties between children and grandchildren. Within the next ten years your family’s patriarch and matriarch will pass control to children as their roles change to that of respected council.

Your family will have reasons to meet for working family reunions, with lots of bonding, education, collaboration, and warmth that grows over time through open clear communication and shared goals.

“Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” is the norm in 90% of wealthy families around the world and since ancient China. Breaking this status quo requires a plan.

Working with us gives you a legitimate shot at being in the right ten percent.