A Family Jewel Trust with the potential to hold assets in perpetuity. The reason for even a small perpetual trust is to create a mindset that some wealth will always belong to future generations. This money (or asset) is to be looked after and grown as the family grows in number. A family council manages the trust, and it becomes a way to teach younger generations about wealth and about family history and values. It also creates a very important long-term perspective. Your family will eventually use the growth to subsidize or invest in family members, based on the evolution of the family trustees. It will become your children’s and then their children’s responsibility to collectively ensure its security and purpose over time. You will use wealth to build stronger family because your perpetual trust creates a very tangible goal your whole family will share.

Your family will have reasons to meet for working family reunions, with lots of bonding, education, collaboration, and warmth that grows over time through open clear communication and shared goals.

“Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” is the norm in 90% of wealthy families around the world and since ancient China. Breaking this status quo requires a plan.

Working with us gives you a legitimate shot at being in the right ten percent.